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Kill that demon unless he's hot!!

Name- Shinigami Yumi
Age- 17
What gender would you like to be voted?- Whatever rocks your boat.

Strong points- Open-mindedness or optimism, I'm not sure. Understanding? I can also be very compassionate sometimes and I like to help people. Why? Um... I just have them, I suppose; I also cultivated some... Maybe 'cause optimism inspires others, understanding/open-mindedness/compassion helps people and brings people together? ^_^;;

weak points- pride (I think too highly of myself sometimes... comes from being a narcissist and a chronic megalomaniac ^^;;)

interests- Making friends, foreign languages and cultures, power, magic, money, anime and manga, Shaman King, Prince of Tennis, yaoi/bl/shounen-ai, cheese, alcohlic drinks, beautiful and complicated angsty/evil bishies, salad, Hao's voice and songs, being admired/remembered/glorified/special, good food, luxury, intelligence/wisdom, poetry/literature, the freedom to do/be what I like when I like, helping people in need, listening to people's problems and giving advice if necessary, travelling, most of the songs from Prince of Tennis, ... (This list is too vast to further continue)

dislikes- Petty/calculative/selfish, unreasonable/mean, shallow/superficial, close-minded/pessimistic, and/or overly cynical people; hypocrites; religious fanatics who give their religion a bad name; being told how I should run my life; people not listening to me; fried/oily food; loud noises; sports; smoke and smoking; failure or doing badly at anything (who likes that?); people who keep trying to be something they're not and are not true to themselves; spoilt brats and noisy children; household chores; the colour pink; mathematics and physics; ... (Too long a list to go through)

talents- Writing poetry and stories, learning languages, self-promotion

hobbies- Writing poetry and stories, sleeping, learning languages, self-promotion, manga and anime, gastronomy, wine tasting, socialising, reading, singing, listening to music, cooking, ... (I can go on forever with this too)

pet peeves- Uh... Refer to my dislikes. I really won't live through typing out everything I dislike.

Favorite color- Gold
Favorite Chrno Crusade character- Chrno. He looks better with his hair down in his full form though. The only reason Aion loses out is 'cause I think he's really cheapskate to go around kissing every Sue, Kate and Mary in the story (especially since we all know his one true love was Chrno anyway).
Favorite food- Sashimi, presently.
Favorite sport- Tennis, even if I suck at anything sports-related.
Favorite type music- Anything heart-rendingly sorrowful is good.

Optimistic or Pessimistic?- Optimistic. There's good in everything that happens; sometimes we just don't see it at first. Pessimism drives me up the wall.
Outgoing or Shy?- Outgoing. I like glory and nothing would please me more than to have everyone worshipping the ground I walk on.
virtuous or malicious? I have my malicious side, of course. But I believe I'm generally a nice and virtuous person.
dominant or submissive? Dominant. One must note that I'm a chronic megalomaniac.

3 clear pictures of yourself! [optional] I do not own a webcam. And uh... I haven't taken pictures in a while, so nothing I scan in would be recent. Not to mention the fact that the scanner isn't available now. Sorry.

Anyhow, I feel that I don't know this fandom well enough to give good votes, but I'll try my best anyway. I'll vote for all the ones I see on my friends' page and go through the comm when I have time! \^-^♥
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