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Kill that demon~

Re-stamp first time i was stamped as Genai my reasons are firstly i have changed and secondly this app is more detailed and eloquent

Name- Rowan Hawes
Age- 18
What gender would you like to be voted?- It really doesnt bother me
Strong points- Individuality, charismatic, good leadership skills, charming, eloquent, good judge of character, good judge of right and wrong, analytical, perceptive, intelligent, good sense of humour, confident, enigmatic, polite, independent, confident, responsible, mature, logical, clinically tidy, an ability to see both sides of an argument and i am good at decision making
Weak points- Although i have a sense of humour it is a very and i mean very cruel/sadistic sense of humour, narcassistic, superiority complex, insane/megalomanical tendencies, psychotic tendencies (see previous statement), manipulative, apprently i am a control freak, i enjoy setting people at each others throats, i have been told i am a bit too independent, uptight, i overanalyse everything, vindictive, cruel, cold hearted, fliappant attitue towards other people, stubborn, a complete failure to laugh at myself and i have a grade a superiority complex ♥
Interests- Money, vanilla flavoured cigars, port, red wine, the occult, weaponry, myself and analysing myself and other people
Dislikes- Little children screaming, ladders, people who cant think for themselves, being woken up early, my personal space being invaded (please there is a reason its called personal), people talking with their mouth full, hypocrites, summer, spiders, clowns, falling over and rude manners.
Talents- I have a photographic memory, charming, eloquent, philosophical conversations, public speaking, debating, ambidextrous, double jointed, good at card games and i can wrap my legs round my head.
Hobbies- Shooting, horse riding, sailing, reading, concerts, moonlight walks, wine tasting, listening to classical music and walking
Pet peeves- People walking behind me, being talked over the top of, people who cant think for themselves, any form of untidyness and my personal space being invaded.

Favorite color- A deep rich red
Favorite Chrno Crusade character- Thats a hard question, i like Satella, Aion, Chrono ....
Favorite food- Ramen noodles and jelly beans
Favorite sport- Badmington, sailing, walking, caving, rock climbing, shooting or horse riding
Favorite type music- Classical music (i have an open mind when it comes to music, i pretty much like anything)

Optimistic or Pessimistic?- Optimistic realist
Outgoing or Shy?- Outgoing or so i am told, but i never make any effort to get to know new people, they dont seem to register on my scale of interest.
Virtuous or malicious? People dont seem to know what to make of me, myself and my nature i would sway more towards malicious and all that entails than to virtuous but i wouldnt really be bothered about what other people label me as.
Dominant or submissive? Dominant, i dont believe i could submit to anyone

3 clear pictures of yourself! [optional]

Apologies my school computer will not let my upload images, when i am at a more....advanced machine i will do so ♥


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