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Kill that Demon!

Name- Diana
Age- 19
What gender would you like to be voted?- I'd prefer to be rated has a girl
Strong points- My strong will, my friends, my family, my cheerfullness and my always ready to help attitude
weak points- I get pissed off easily so i kinda become annoying after a while, i am also really stubborn and i am overly emotional...Well i am also really clumsy and somehow large mouthed, i always say what i think wether it's good or bad
interests- Manga, anime, video-games (exclusive for Fire Emblem, Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts <3), pretzels, drawing the most, tv-series (specially envolving romance and school stuff), books, pretty dresses, figurines, action figures, anime emblems, the gun's designs, dance
dislikes- Rude people, ignorants, fangirls/boys, hysterism, spicy food, depression, lies, crowds, hatred, needles
talents- Art and Dance
hobbies- I love playing video-games, walking with my friends, watch tv-series and drawing the most <3
pet peeves- I say NYAAAH a lot and i tend to say "cowly flower" randomly, after angellhy says pineapple and i tend to purr when i'm stretching myself on bed

Favorite color- Pink, Black, Red, White
Favorite Chrno Crusade character- Rosette and Chrno
Favorite food- Pretzels and Fruit *jingles*
Favorite sport- *cackles* volleyball! and badminton...although the racket seems to fly everywhere....
Favorite type music- Anything that goes with my mood, except perhaps rap and hip hop

Optimistic or Pessimistic?- Both, although i have become more optimistic with time
Outgoing or Shy?- I confess...I'd say i am shy but...Well i am more outgoing now
virtuous or malicious? ....Depends on who asks....*smile*
dominant or submissive? Dominant mostly

3 clear pictures of yourself! [optional]
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