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Kill that Demon~

Name- Laura
Age- 17
What gender would you like to be voted?- Oh, it doesn't matter.
Strong points- I'm told I'm intelligent, logical, mature and that I give good advice. I would also like to think I have a relatively good sense of humor, though I am told it's a bit harsh at times. I'm also fairly independent and I'm fine with being alone. I'm also not easily offended; something's either true or not true, and even then it's still just opinion. I usually have a way to rationalize things, and I've gotten pretty good at controlling my emotions.
weak points- Well, nearly everything positive about me has a negative side. As I do tend to take the logical side of things, I often sacrifice emotion. My advice is often just the truth, which is why I don't see what's so spectacular about it. But often, people don't like the truth, and when I feel that they need to hear it, I'll tell them. My humor is sometimes a bit off-color and usually a bit sarcastic, or the occasional pun. None of which are liked if you're at the recieving end or in a rather conservative crowd, and puns are generally annoying. Though I won't deny I'm annoying; I suppose it's just who I am.
interests- Well, I like things that are generally deemed as 'boring' by most of my peers. Reading, time alone to think, observing people, things like that. I really enjoy the whole learning process of it all, and I often do things for my own edification. And I do enjoy the quiet; loud noises tend to get bothersome after a while. But that's rather general. I like the medical field, pathology and disorders in particular. Psychology is also something I can see myself liking, especially because the human mind is something really fascinating. I also do enjoy spending time with those I genuinely care about (which are few; I'm not a very trusting person). And I like cheese, and I'm starting to develop an interest in fish. Not eating fish, that is.
Oh, and I do like all that lovely "anime/manga/videa games" that everyone seems to like. And I like making graphics.
dislikes- I dislike whiners, those who seek pity, and those without enough common sense to function. Idiots (intellectually) are also at the top of my list, but I have learned that some are nice regardless, and there are those who may deem me 'stupid' in a particular area of knowledge. I also don't like excessive loud noises.
talents- My talents? I'm very good at doing things last minute, 'manipulating' people to get things done (though I'd like to think that I'm just persuasive), and I have a good memory. I'm also pretty good at my hobbies.
hobbies- Essentially, my interests, but put into verb form (if not already).
pet peeves- That's pretty much my dislikes. I'd like to think that I'm a pretty tolerant person.

Favorite color- Purples and blues with touches of gray. Nice and easy on the eyes, but still lovely colors.
Favorite Chrno Crusade character- Unusually for me, I liked Rosette. I don't tend to like main characters, but I found her really likeable. I also liked Remington and Aion, because they just tend to be the type of character I like. I should mention that I've read the manga, so if these characters differ in any way in the anime, I probably don't like them as much.
Favorite food- Well, I don't like meat or cooked vegetables. I'm pretty much fine with everything else.
Favorite sport- I like watching sports, not playing. Unless you count socializing as a sport.
Favorite type music- I'm not picky. My sister calls my iPod 'bipolar', as it will be playing classical one minute, screamo the next, and pop shortly afterwards.

Optimistic or Pessimistic?- Realist leaning towards pessimist. Though I do have a bit of optimism that sometimes shines through. I just like to prepare for the worst with the best in mind, I suppose.
Outgoing or Shy?- Neither. I'm not shy, but I'm not outgoing. I'm introverted feigning extroverted.
Virtuous or Malicious? That depends on point of veiw. They're merely words language has developed to describe certain veiws on certain actions. I wouldn't do anything 'malicious' for the sake of being malicious, but I'm not going to refrain from doing something deemed as 'malicious' if it needs to get done.
Dominant or Submissive? I'll say dominant.

3 clear pictures of yourself! [optional]
Hmmn, no pictures. They're never clear.
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