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Kill that demon!

Name- Just call me Gaara
Age- 24
What gender would you like to be voted?- Doesn't matter
Strong points-Loyal, intelligent, good listener, creative, easy-going, 'can' be diligent, passionate of certain things, empathetic, learns from mistakes (personal growth), compassionate, caring, humorous
weak points- procrastinator, worrier, strangely sometimes careless, lack of discipline, lazy, stubborn with certain things, deceiving certain people (hey~ a talent? lol)
interests-music; drawing; dancing; anime; RP; writing; manga; video games; martial arts; voice actors
dislikes-stupid, rude, annoying, people; bugs; deadlines; peer pressure
talents-Not sure how much of a 'talent' it is but translating, drawing, martial arts, being corny (so I've been told LOL), teaching (again so I've been told soo)
hobbies-singing; drawing; dancing; translating; anime; writing; joking around and plotting with friends online; RP-ing; martial arts; playing video games with friends (RPGs); reading manga; sleeping (might as well be one)
pet peeves-When people don't read; when people don't keep promises; I'm a little OCD (eg: If something is off-set have to go fix it); food smackers; loud noises (people, etc) when trying to sleep

Favorite color- blue, green, red, white
Favorite Chrno Crusade character-1)Aion, 2)Chrno, 3)Fiore (top 3)
Favorite food-Sushi and soups
Favorite sport-Martial arts
Favorite type music-Japanese-pop

Optimistic or Pessimistic?-Optimist for the most part. I have my days though.
Outgoing or Shy?-Depends what I'm doing. Used to be shy.
virtuous or malicious? virtuous
dominant or submissive?Depends what I'm doing.

Appearance: Black hair, glasses, tanned skin, normal-short height, overweight (according to BMI) (good enough?)
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