Hinata ♡ Snowflake ♡ Natalie (fairy_snowflake) wrote in chrno_rating,
Hinata ♡ Snowflake ♡ Natalie

Kill that demon!

Name- Natalie
Age- 15
What gender would you like to be voted?- Female
Strong points- Cheerful, understanding, peace of mind, optimistic
weak points- A little shy, hypocrisy (i hate it =_ =)
interests- Anime and manga, j-pop and j-rock, k-pop, magic, internet, soft light, spark, sweets, games, home, literature, design, birthday, new year, beautiful things
dislikes- Roughness, impudence, hypocrisy, vegetables
talents- Drawing and studying of languages
hobbies- Design, music, Japan and Korea, drawing
pet peeves- People who do not know anything about me, and all the same speak about me not too good things

Favorite color- Pink, white
Favorite Chrno Crusade character- Chrno, Rosette
Favorite food- Ice-cream, lemonade, fruit, the Korean carrots salad, smoked sausage
Favorite sport- Figure skating, bicycle sports, fencing
Favorite type music- Pop-rock

Optimistic or Pessimistic?- Optimistic
Outgoing or Shy?- Shy
virtuous or malicious? Virtuous
dominant or submissive? Submissive

3 clear pictures of yourself! [optional]
Sorry, I don`t have any =_=
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