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Kill that demon damn it!!

Name- Riwa
Age- 19

What gender would you like to be voted?- whatever..i don't really mind..^^

Strong points- cooking, writing, talking, singing

weak points- math, i procastinate a lot, i slack off, college..>__>

interests- angela zhang, aiba hiroki, tenimyu, garfield, japanese culture, kwon BoA, moon, pandas, sakura blossoms, sleeping, theater, tulips, utada hikaru, wwe smackdown, anime, chocolates, ice cream, huge ass teddy bears, michishige sayumin, movies, fluffy pillows, photography, cameras, jpop, jrock, gackt, morning musume, rain, water, poems, short stories, nissan skyline, stuffed toys, lj, choc nut, music, guitars, kids next door, volleyball, badminton, cakes, pastries, cookies, lasagna..well..food in general..XP

dislikes- homo-haters, heat waves, rats, people who are senseless and judgemental, backstabbers/back biters..uhm..there are other things i dislike..i just can't remember them at the at the moment..>.>

talents- writing, singing, baking, cooking, and sleeping..ahahahaha!

hobbies- uhh..same as the ones above..writing, singing, baking, cooking and sleeping..XDD

pet peeves- like i said people who are senseless, backstabbers/back biters, judgemental and homo-haters

Favorite color- black
Favorite Chrno Crusade character- Chrono
Favorite food- pasta!!! and sweets like cake and cookies..:3
Favorite sport- volleyball and badminton
Favorite type music- uhh..i like all kinds but right now i'm into jpop..does that count? ahe..XD

Optimistic or Pessimistic?- both but i usually lean towards pessimistic..>__>
Outgoing or Shy?- shy
virtuous or malicious? uhh...malicious i guess..bwahahah! XDD
dominant or submissive? i'm always the submissive uke..LOL! X3

i just have one picture to show so..here it is anyway..^^

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