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Kill that Demon! Kill it dead!

Name- Kara
Age- 14
What gender would you like to be voted?- either one is fine, although I am a girl. ;)
Strong points- I’m very optimistic, I possess excellent writing skills… I’m good at cheering people up, I’m skilled at finding my own ways to do things… Even though the methods I choose are usually ten times as complicated as the standardized methods. I’m a fairly good singer, (second soprano!) and am excellent at acting…. I can carry on a conversation for hours without pause, and I possess the unique talent of falling asleep in Geometry class (thank God it’s summer). I’m a good swimmer (not great, but good in my own right) and I’m good with kids and animals.
weak points- Tend to lapse (semi-rarely) into a mild form of techno-speak, I spazz over the most random things… I’ve been told that I read too much (honest!) and I’m extremely shy when I first meet people (but omigosh!, after I get to know you…!). I’m very lethargic, and I often correct my friends’ English papers… On a whim. (is that a weakness? I guess, I mean, if you placed a big stack of uncorrected papers at my feet, it's not like I'd grade them) I'm positive that the only good French fries are crunchy ones. ^^ I have issues with my brothers, I’m very quirky, and I can be very, very annoying when I want to be. I talk too much, I develop an acute form of jealousy when it comes to my cat... I watch too much anime. And I really, really, can’t come to terms with my Dad. We constantly fight, about things most people couldn’t even imagine. Right now, I can’t STAND him! I also can’t dance… Not at all. Oh. And if you haven’t noticed, sometimes I brag. I also have a low tolerance for caffeine, so a single strawberry-crème frappucino keeps me going for hours.
interests- reading, writing, drawing, singing, acting, playing soccer, (although I’m mediocre at best) dancing, (I’m terrible. Two right feet.)
dislikes- I don't like my brothers. My father. (but I love my life) Ummmmm... just look at my weaknesses, please. ~__^
talents- Oh, geeze. I can roll my tongue like a hotdog. Yeah, can't everyone? Ummm, I can pick up things with my feet,
hobbies- I love love love love love acting, and writing (maybe that's why my stamping applications are so long?)... I make amvs, avatars, and tend to fill out stamping applications constantly. I also swim, and despite my terrible skills, soccer is love. (i accidentally scored a goal FOR MY TEAM when playing with a bunch of seasoned rising seniors. Oh well. At least I scored, no?)
pet peeves- Being poked. I'm extremely ticklish, and consequently, friends (and random people) poke me constantly. Because I scream. Loudly. Also, I was interviewed for the yearbook at my school. The question was "what's your weirdest pet peeve?"... So it says in there, preserved for all eternity, "I don't like it when my friends poke me because I'm extremely ticklish". Heh. Not funny. (one such incident resulted in front of my school’s two vice principals.) And my hair is naturally curly, but it’s dead-straight when it’s wet. Oh, and my eyes sometimes turn green and orange. Truthfully. Why would I joke about something like that? (are those really talents?)

Favorite color- green, actually, although when I was younger I assuredly answered "rainbow", or "white", which are indeed, not actually colors. (as I have been told in numerous occasions) Perhaps I am drawn to green for my attraction to nature, or 'cleanliness', as it symbolizes.
Favorite Chrno Crusade character- I've been attracted to Joshua throughout the entire series due to his utter angstiness (although I love Chrno to death.)... which seems to be a common denomiter for the characters I have nominated for this position throughout all of the stamping communities I've been involved in (Wrath from FMA, Roxas from KH, Haku from Naruto, Sailor Saturn from SM, and so on and so forth)... He's the type of person I would just want to hug and hug, and I had always harbored the steadfast thought that he would be reunited with his sister one day. (so the 24th episode absolutely broke my heart. I didn't cry, I sobbed
Favorite food- watermelons, I guess? They're juicy, and delicious. (and sometimes, they grow in SQUARES. how cool is that?)
Favorite sport- as you can probably tell from the answers above, soccer is the ultimate idealistic form of fun for me, although swimming arouses more joy and gymnastics a childlike remembrance....
Favorite type music- Heh, music? I listen to everything from Nickelback to the soundtrack to the Moulin Rogue to to 3 Doors Down to The Offspring to Evanescence to Sum 41 to Akino to Within Temptation to Nightwish. I just don't listen to country and most forms of rap... usually the songs I listen to express the emotions I am experiencing at the time, (for instance, I will choose slow, soft music if I'm attempting to go to sleep, and fast, heavy, dark music when I'm angry) and often they are chosen after being heard one too many times on the radio.

Optimistic or Pessimistic?- Definitely optimistic; I've been told that I'm too happy for my own good, and in some instances it causes me to seem naive...
Outgoing or Shy?- I'm extremely shy in large groups of people that I don't know, but once I get to know someone, I can scream and shout and cry and yell at strangers without a care in the world. Often I stun people with my sudden bursts of enthusiasm, hyperactivity, and my tendency to laugh--loudly.
virtuous or malicious? Virtuous. An interesting choice of words... I suppose I'm working towards the ideal, i.e.; I wish to be virtuous, and though I am not outright malicious, as it is so put, I am definitely not free of sin. I have done... many things that I regret. I have said many things that I regret... But I can't take them back, and so I suppose I will have to work harder to "make up for it", in a way, although... Mmmmm... I don't have much more to say on that matter.
dominant or submissive? In what terms do you mean that...? Well, honestly, I don't know. Against people I know well I just don't back down. Not an inch. The same goes for those whose intentions are truly malicious. However, if you're someone whose input I truly respect, or simply someone I don't know and don't outright disagree with, I will often stay quiet.

3 clear pictures of yourself! [optional]
Fine. No pictures, but I’m 5”9 and, according to my friends, uber-skinny. I have wavy/curly brown hair that goes a few inches past my shoulders (and is still growing) and large, hazel eyes.
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