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Name- Faith
Age- 16
What gender would you like to be voted?- I am a female but I really don’t care
Strong points-sports and anything to do with anime and manga I know about
weak points-homework, projects, math, and dating
interests-anime, food, books, tv, sports, gamecube, computer, music, red foxes and drawing
dislikes-color pink, dresses, skirts, popular girls, cheerleaders, sharks, spinach , and spiders
talents-drawing anime and making anime music videos
hobbies-softball, tennis, basketball, volleyball, swimming, field hockey, touch football, dodgeball
pet peeves-when two perfect people in anime and manga don’t get together! Gets me so MAD!

Favorite color-red because I just like the color!
Favorite Chrno Crusade character-Joshua! Even though he’s bad! He was so innocent and I think he is SOOOOO HOT! Sorry had to let that out!
Favorite food-probably ice cream because it is so good! And perfect for hot days! Yum! I need some right now!
Favorite sport-softball! I played it for eight years!
Favorite type music-all types! Except country and rap for the exception of Shania Twain’s songs ~Up~ and I’m ~Gonna Getcha Good~

Optimistic or Pessimistic?-
Outgoing or Shy?-out going because who could be shy I mean I’m hyper, weird, and just out there. I love fooling around with my friends! I am only shy when I don’t know anyone but myself at a place or party.
virtuous or malicious?both I guess….i mean I am both I think????
dominant or submissive?dominant! I am always happy and hyper but sometimes I could be submissive when I’m dpressed…

3 clear pictures of yourself! [optional]
Well I do have mid length dirty blonde hair and brown/hazel eyes
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