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Kill That Demon!

What gender would you like to be voted?- female
Strong points- good memory, intelligent, friendly, vivacious, outgoing, motivated, determined, say what I think, defends people being picked on, throws whole self into anything I do
weak points- little physical strength, gets frustrated easily, difficult to change mind, always takes only one position, worries a lot, has trouble letting things go
interests- reading, writing, watching anime, embroidering, debating
dislikes- running, yoga, dancing, stretching, push ups
talents- good memory, writing stories, embroidering table clothes
hobbies- writing stories, embroidering table clothes
pet peeves- people that you can’t get around (step in the same direction when you try to get around them), looking at people for 2 seconds and them asking what you’re staring at, losing train of thought

Favorite color- blue
Favorite Chrono Crusade character- Satella
Favorite food- cookies
Favorite sport- basketball
Favorite type music- I don’t really pay that much attention to music.

Optimistic or Pessimistic?- both
Outgoing or Shy?- outgoing
virtuous or malicious?- virtuous
dominant or submissive?- dominant

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