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Rawr! Kill that demon!

Name- Rielle, "Rii"
Age- 14
What gender would you like to be voted?- Either one. I don't mind ^-^
Strong points- Talented, sweet, compassionate, willfull, creative, funny
weak points- Compulsive, bad tempered, impatient, lazy, over confident, unable to blame myself for anything
interests- Manga, anime, music (acoustic is pretty!), video games, smoothies, soft rock, rock, hard rock, (general rock, eh?), candy, alchemy, philosophy, typology, symbolism, (I'm still not very knowledgeable yet, however), computer stuff, livejournal, obsessing over constanly changing icons...yeah and KH2 (SOOOOO CLOSE TO BEATING IT!!!)
dislikes- people who vote you as a character because you have one thing in common with them (example: someone is like...EXACTLY like Envy from FMA, but they get rated as Ed because his profile said "I don't like milk."), overhyped stuff (like, WAY overhyped), overly dramatic people, people who think you're crazy for your opinion, eggs, milk, babies, etc.
talents- Singing, writing, drawing, graphics in computers, fighting video games (soooo good), making friends, etc.
hobbies- Uhmmm...drawing, singing, playing video games, writing, thinking, watching movies, sleeping
pet peeves- Automatic Camera angles in video games, crying babies (growls)

Favorite color- Blue (like a dark kind of blue)
Favorite Chrno Crusade character- Uhmmm...Chrono, but they're all cool ^-^.
Favorite food- Melon pan or yaki Soba (I'm going with the soba)
Favorite sport- .....video....games *blush blush*
Favorite type music- Probably anime music *blush blush* or rock, as I think I mentioned *ponders*

Optimistic or Pessimistic?- I try to be optimistic ^-^
Outgoing or Shy?- I think more on the shy side, but it depends who I'm around
virtuous or malicious? Virtuous *blush blush* I guess
dominant or submissive? I think more submissive, but again, it depends ^-^

3 clear pictures of yourself! [optional] O-O Th-three? Oh noes! Ummm...I have no pictures, so I will just describe myself to you! I am semi-tall (like...5'4?) with dark brown hair and big blue eyes. I also have fair, creamy peach skin. Ummm...*thinks of more to explain* That's all!
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