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DON'T kill that demon!! He's my friend!!

Name- Sarah
Age- 16
What gender would you like to be voted?- Either is fine by me. ^___^
Strong points- I'm honest and loyal and protective of the ones I love. I'm friendly and smart/clever, and I'm also creative, open-minded, straightforward, determined, and passionate. And I'm a forgiving person and independent.
weak points- I'm horribly curious and clumsy, and I'm very stubborn. I can be manipulative and antagonistic sometimes and don't think before I say things. I get side-tracked easily (I always come back to things, but if something looks like fun, I go investigate it), curious, and I'm kind of sarcastic. And my ego is either huge and I'm so 1337 or I can't do anything right (usually it's the former, though).
interests- I love writing and learning new things/random facts. So many things interest me~!! I like cats and hats and rainbows, but I also like guns and myths, driving really fast (>D), second-hand anything, baseball (GO RED SOX!!), dancing in the rain, cosplay, language, arguing, intelligence, honesty, fist fights, and love. =^___^=
dislikes- Prejudice, closed minds, PMS, teenagers, the silence on elevators, zombies, emus, global warming, seeing the people I love hurt, politically correct anything, fake attitudes, people who can't grow up as well as people who are too grown up to play, and sheep mindsets.
talents- Turning straight men into crossdresser~!! XD Ummm...I guess I'm a good singer and writer (and a good marksman, too). ^^;;
hobbies- Making people laugh/laughing, daydreaming, singing, writing, drawing, reading, dancing, learning new things, debating, thinking up weird solutions to problems (like, "What if cancer could be cured by eating 17 strawberries throught a lamp shade? Oooooh!"), playing basketball, and playing dress up.
pet peeves- Probably people who are two-faced. I just can't stand that at all.

Favorite color- Green!
Favorite Chrno Crusade character- Rosette! She's soooo cool and strong. ^___^ I love female leads~~
Favorite food- Chili-dogs! But I also like Italian and Japanese foods. ♥
Favorite sport- Basketball to play, baseball to watch (but I like to play volleyball too and watch soccer and hockey as well)
Favorite type music- Good old rock 'n' roll, mostly. But anything that's fun to sing along with and takes some sort of talent (which means NO screaming or whining...or country. XP).

Optimistic or Pessimistic?- Optimistic. ^___^ I act overdramatically pessimistic sometimes, but that's just for show. I'm really always looking at the brightside unless I'm just devasted.
Outgoing or Shy?- When meeting someone new that I want to make a good impression on (a friend of a friend or something), I get a little nervous and shy, but mostly I'm outgoing. I talk to strangers in elevators and just love meeting new people.
virtuous or malicious? A bit of both. I have my own set of what's right and wrong, but I can also be kind of cruel sometimes.
dominant or submissive? Dominant! BWAHAHA!! XD

3 clear pictures of yourself! [optional]

I've only got two good ones. x________x

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