Francesca (_kaze_chan_) wrote in chrno_rating,

Kill tha demon!!! XDDD

Name- Francesca
Age- 22
What gender would you like to be voted?- don't mind^^
Strong points-determination and abnormal patience, cool and collected, persuasive, good listener
weak points-not very skilled in english, sometimes too nice with people..(even if I can be awfully sarcastic)
interests-literature, Japan, languages, translation, theories of language, samurai and bushido, katana swords, pretty gadgets, variety of tea, funny tecnologies
dislikes-people who find problems in everything,people who don't do what they say,cigarettes,trash on the streets,to have to solve other problems,unpolite people, people who are not able to say "sorry"
talents-good in drawing and driving! I'm a social being but I know very well we it's time to shoot my mouth, I'm very diplomatic for the joy of my impulsive friends ^^;; and the formal language is my life!
hobbies-before University stole all my time.. so many sports! now.. study japanese full time XDD it includes manga translations (for my pleasure and also because it's a good way to improve in language - the second it's the official one XDDD)! and also drawing..
pet peeves-loud noises in general(my ears are pretty delicate XD)

Favorite color-light blue and silver
Favorite Chrno Crusade character- Chrno (so cute, nice and polite) but also Rozette (she makes me laugh a lot XDD)
Favorite food- italian/japanese/chinese food in general.. mozzarella and udon in particular (If you want to see me happy give me everything made with milk)
Favorite sport-volleyball ^O^
Favorite type music-absolutely rock (with a bit of punk) - but also celtic and new age (^^;; cool combination, isn't it? ^^;;;;)

Optimistic or Pessimistic?-mostly optimistic ^__-
Outgoing or Shy?-a bit of both
virtuous or malicious? hmm.. virtuous but I'm not a strong believer (I made some kind of things only for my self respect)
dominant or submissive?I hope nor the first neither the second ^^;;

3 clear pictures of yourself! [optional]it's ok a short description?
I'm a (not very) cute (:P) University students with a moderate passion for goth style!
blond-long-curly hair
green eyes

thanks to everyone!
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