Madi (animeprincess01) wrote in chrno_rating,

kiil that demon!

Name- Madeline (rhymes with Magdalene)
Age- 14
What gender would you like to be voted?- Either.
Strong points- Kind-hearted, strong, determined
weak points- Impulsve amd a bit lazy
interests- Anime, manga, shiny things, cheese, chocolate, pie
dislikes- People who call me 'homie', people who bother me, rap, shots
talents- I speak Japanese, i rea faster than alot of people in my class,
hobbies- anime, manga, japan, j-opo, j-rock, drawing, reading, singing, dancing
pet peeves- Same as my dislikes.

Favorite color- black
Favorite Chrno Crusade character- Rosette
Favorite food- cookies
Favorite sport- Dancing
Favorite type music- Rock ,j-opo, and j-rock

Optimistic or Pessimistic?- Optimistic
Outgoing or Shy?- Both. It depends on the situation.
virtuous or malicious?-virtuous
dominant or submissive?-Both again. It dpends who I'm with.
(Sorry that I only have one and it's cosplay on top of that. I'll try to get better pictures soon. And sorry that I couldn't get it without going to a link. Photobucket is being stupid.)
I'm Rosette in this pic.(On the right)¤t=AzumariaandRosette.jpg
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