Stella Luna (_sailorcosmos_) wrote in chrno_rating,
Stella Luna

Kill That Demon

Name- Alicia
Age- I'll keep you gussing
What gender would you like to be voted?- Female, but I'm flexible
Strong points-Indepdent, strong willed, humerous, I consider myself to be very good to the people I'm closest too I would go anything do for them, especially my family and close friends,
weak points- I can have a bad temper I don't know when to let things go sometimes and I can get myself involved in things I shouldn't ( little headstrong). I'm told I can't park very well, I can drive but not park , I can be a little selfish
interests- Painting,( I can be interested in something and not be good at it right!) Sewing, acting, theater, movies, presents, shopping
dislikes- dancing (I sux at it), crowded buses, bad smells, people stepping on the back of my shoes that really bugs me, being sick
talents- I'm mulit-talented ;)
hobbies- sewing, drawing,
pet peeves- People being too Judgemental, Drama of any kind, re-runs

Favorite color- Blue
Favorite Chrno Crusade character- Rosette or Satella
Favorite food- Anything, really I'm not picky except for meatloaf it's my arch-enemy, I have a deelp love of dessert
Favorite sport- Tennis, and swimming, and laying in a hot tub
Favorite type music- Anything but Country

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