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Kill that Demon!

Name- Bonnie.
What gender would you like to be voted?- Doesn't particulary matter.
Strong points- Drawing, writing, being annoying, confusing people, keeping secrets... (Sometimes that can be a weak point though...)
weak points- Keeping secrets (when people try and get it out of me), dentists, spiders, clowns, small spaces, the words 'The Excorsist', dentists, chocolate.
interests-My computers, the phone, reading, Sirius Black, Remus Lupin, spagetti, dragons, Egyptology, Gir, macaroni, drawing, writing, sleeping, cats, vampires, photos, Anime, FANTA (!!!), Bon Jovi, History, Werewolves, the Harry Potter books, The Vampire Chronicles, the sound of a violin, Constantine, Gir, Sirius Black, Fanta, music, English...
dislikes- Spiders, Dentists, Clowns, Dentists, small spaces, spiders, when my computer becomes slow, when the phone battery runs low, Maths, PE...
talents- Drawing, writing, being annoying, talking for ages and not getting tired, making people laugh without even knowing it.
hobbies- Drawing, writing, talking on the phone, always on the computer...
pet peeves- My incompetent Maths teachers who do not teach me jack, and I still get an A... -.-

Favorite color- Red, silver, black, white, red, orange.
Favorite Chrno Crusade character- Demon form Chrono... Because I love what he looks like. Rosette and that old scientist guy, when they're together, they make me giggle. =) I also love Rosette's funny and very happy personality, and because she's a magnet for trouble.
Favorite food- Macaroni and spagetti.... And I love the drink Fanta.
Favorite sport- S... Sport? o.0 You mean like watching the football, wrestling and car racing, because that's what I do... I do not play this word you speak of... 'Sport'.
Favorite type music- All sorts. I've been listening to rock much more lately, but I like most sorts, depending on what song is playing.

Optimistic or Pessimistic?- Sometimes both, but mostly pessimistic.
Outgoing or Shy?- Sometimes shy, but usually outgoing.
virtuous or malicious? Erm... I'm not really sure...
dominant or submissive? I'm usually pretty submissive...

Description. Um, I might do a description. I have brown eyes, though I have been told I have caramel eyes, but yeah. Um, I have brown hair to a bit passed my shoulders, though it's mostly always up, and a side fringe to the right of my face.
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