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Kill that demon!

Name- Jesa
Age- 16
What gender would you like to be voted?- Well I am female but I dont care ^^ I RP as boys all the time, so I really dont mind!
Strong points- I'm very caring and empathetic, and always understanding. But only to those I believe deserve it, if I dont think so, then you dont get my care and thats a pitty because I always do my best to take care of those I love no matter what. Also, I'm artistic and creative, I draw and write all the time, plus I'm playful! I like to play games, espeially [pretend games such as RPing or D&D (even tho I am no good at it) or things like that
weak points- I get hurt sometimes because I care alot, when you get me mad I never really forgive you, I hold grudges... I dont have very good self confidance at times, and I tend to let myself get hurt before other people, even tho I'm trying to stop that because I get sick of being so sad. Also, I dont know if this counts as a weakness... some other people seem to think so but its more of a manarism I think... I'm obsesive... I lose myself in things, hate, pain, love, joy, and... I like they way I am. Not the pain part but it makes me hapy to fill my head with whats important to me. Others seem to think its dangorus but... its the way I am, why should I change if i dont want to?
interests- Reading, drawing, poetry, love, romance, comfort, safty, love, family (even tho mine is very small and unorthadox) and love... oh, and ramen... and sweet things like chocolate... and kissing and cuddling with my boyfriend... and I could go on a while but I'll stop now ^^;;
dislikes- People who like to pretend they know the whole story and go around spreading half truths like they think they are so much better then those who actually know whats going on. People who judge withoiut knowing whats going on, people who lie, people who break promises
talents- Drawing (maybe) writting (maybe, if you dont count spelling)
hobbies- RPing, reading, writting, playing vidio games, watching anime
pet peeves- Imature people, emotionaly void people, people who lie

Favorite color- Blue
Favorite Chrno Crusade character- Asmaria, or Chrono
Favorite food- It changes... I have a killer sweet tooth, I adore strawberry pocky, or chocolate flavored... green tea, decorated cake, almod... all good flavors ^^;
Favorite sport- Swimming... all other sports that I know of tend to be competitive for me...
Favorite type music- Rock, and most types of it ^^ Light rock, metal, tecno-rock... If you've heard AFI, that about covers it... but sometimes I like happy music as well... nice to have music that maches your mood

Optimistic or Pessimistic?- an odd combination of both
Outgoing or Shy?- again, kinda both... I try to be more outgoing but sometimes I just get struck with this fear of making an idiot out of myself and i shut up
virtuous or malicious? again, both. I've done some not so nice things (nothing to extreme tho) but I'm really a nice person, understanding and whatnot, I try to be fair to everyone
dominant or submissive? I thought I was submissive for the longest time but I realized that I like to be asked what i want, whats important to me, and feel like I'm important.. I guess its like gentle dominance... although sometimes with people I trust, I like them to decide for me. It depends on the mood I'm in.

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Thats me ^^ only my hair is longer now... not by much though, its down to the bottom of my neck. my bangs cover my eyes if i dont push them back ^^;;

anyway... stamp me please?
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