Tiana (genkishoujo) wrote in chrno_rating,


Name-  Tiana Skye Stirewalt
 Age-  17
 What gender would you like to be voted?-  Doesn't matter really. Male would be interesting.
 Strong points- I am very knowledgeable in alot of fields. I guess you could say I am well rounded. I also am the type to who would protect my friends regardless of the enemy infront of me ^_^
weak points- I tend to be ...a little eccentric. I also will sometimes do as I wish and not what others want me to do.
 interests- I like to read old novels, Count of Monte Cristo, Hunchback of Notredame. Along with Anne Rice novels and I have a few books on Witchcraft and Demonolgy which tell you about accounts from the 1500-1700's.
 dislikes-I dislike people who whine. And people who act as if they are better then you. Oh and I also dislike curry if its any small consellation.
talents- I can write very well, and draw well. I also take kendo so I am good with swords, and any martial arts really.Oh and I am very good at learning languages
 hobbies- Writing poetry and short stories, painting, practicing kendo
pet peeves- Hmm well...lets see. When people chomp their gum, that is a definate. And when people are late for things.
 Favorite color- May I pick two? Purple and Cerulean blue.
Favorite Chrno Crusade character- That's tough...I like them all but my personal favorite is Ewan Remington
Favorite food-
Six cheese saccichini. It's raviolles in of course six different cheeses with a nice white sauce on top. It's good with a glass of wine ^^
 Favorite sport- Tennis
Favorite type music-
I like so many different kinds, but I like classic rock alot.
 Optimistic or Pessimistic?- Bordering. I can be very optimistic, but I have moments of pessimism.
Outgoing or Shy?-
Outgoing for the most part. I've been told by friends I can be very flirty and for a girl a tad charming. ^^; Is that good?
virtuous or malicious?
Virtuous, I could never act in complete malice towards someone.
 dominant or submissive? ....Hmm. Well I am not dominant in a terrible way, but nor am I overly submissive. Like I have said, sometimes I like to take a little charge and do things my way. But I do know when I've been dwarfed in a sense by someone else.

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