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Kill that demon!

Name- Mallory
Age- 16
What gender would you like to be voted?- Doesn't matter.
Strong points- Outgoing, understanding, friendly, creative, loyal.
weak points- Stubborn, sensitive, thick-headed.
interests- Anime, friends, movies, manga, softball, cosplay, tennis, DDR, drawing, outdoors, music, photography.
dislikes- Bad drivers, tomatoes, animal abuse, liars, hate, pushy people, ect.
talents- I can draw. And I love acting.
hobbies- Pretty much the same as my interests ^^;
pet peeves- People who can't flush a toilet, and those who wait till they are half way done with their turn to use their blinker.

Favorite color- Silver
Favorite Chrno Crusade character- Chrno and Joshua
Favorite food- Pasta and cheesecake
Favorite sport- Softball/Tennis
Favorite type music- Rock/J-rock

Optimistic or Pessimistic?- Optimistic.
Outgoing or Shy?- Both depending on the situation and/or people.
virtuous or malicious? Virtuous.
dominant or submissive? Aha can be both.

3 clear pictures of yourself! [optional]

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