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Kill that Demon!

Name- Maureen
Age- 20
What gender would you like to be voted?- Male XD But, whatever
Strong points- I'm empathetic; somewhat intellegent; stand strong to my word and feelings; easy to please; open-minded; a bit nutty; blunt; creative; always looking for a challange; over-polite; very kind-hearted; lives to explore, and make people laugh, although I usually only amuse myself
weak points- Easy to manipulate at times if it involves someone I care alot about; stubborn; stong emotions; can't spell to save my life; can't tell a lie; can get stressed easily; somtimes gets too attached; saying no; somtimes I get torn between myself; If I think too much i get depressed; ragefull temper; People usually think I'm odd XD
interests- I'm a gamer/anime/hentai nerd; I luv nature and animals; I like to read - usually about religion, myth, mystisicm, and warfare; I also like to fish.
dislikes- Liers; users; misquitoes; pandas
talents- I have great balance XD; I tend to be able to scare people easily XD
hobbies- Gaming; art; excercise; umm love of disecting things & blood
pet peeves- Err big druggies; close-minded religous fanatics; cleaning the inside window in the car >.<

Favorite color- Green; Blue; Crimson
Favorite Chrno Crusade character- Well Chrono, but I also like Rosette
Favorite food- cookies XD Pasta.. Lo mein
Favorite sport- O_O Basketball? Can't mass murder be a sport? XD
Favorite type music- Rock >:)

Optimistic or Pessimistic?- Meh... I try to be optimistic but I can turn pessimistic easily when left alone =/
Outgoing or Shy?- A little shy at first, but mostly outgoing
virtuous or malicious? haha I'm not virtuous, I'm very malicious at heart, but I try to do what is best until I'm pushed over the edge
dominant or submissive? I'm only submissive if I have a reason to be ^.~
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