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Name- Heather
Age- 18
What gender would you like to be voted?- No preference
Strong points-I am friendly and open-minded, I support and help out people, I am upbeat and love to be around people, I love to brighten everyone's day and make them laugh and smile, and I am loyal, honest, and love to listen.
weak points-I can easily be jealous of others, I can be very picky, and i'm also a bit of a perfectionist, and I tend to hide my emotions from other people. I can also be stubborn and too impulsive for my own good. I also dwell on the bad things that happen in the past too much, and it can bring me down. At times, I'm cynical, I hate to see others down.
interests-Friends, family, broadway, anime, yaoi, Egypt, singing, music, traveling, meeting new people, and being able to brighten everyone's day, by making them either laugh or smile.
dislikes-I don't fancy dishonest people, homophobes, arrogance, bullies, people who either bring me down or demean me, underestimation, intimidation, being controlled, and being in one spot, since I tend to move around a lot.
talents- Singing, acting, and some dancing.
hobbies-Drawing, writing short stories, poetry and fanfiction, watching anime, listening to all kinds of music, and being with friends and family.
pet peeves- When people cry, or if someone accuses me of something I've never done.

Favorite color- Blue
Favorite Chrno Crusade character- Rosette
Favorite food- Cheeseburger
Favorite sport- Basketbsll
Favorite type music- All kinds except for Country.

Optimistic or Pessimistic?- Optimistic.
Outgoing or Shy?- I'm outgoing around my friends mostly, but when I meet new people, I tend to be shy.
virtuous or malicious? Virtuous.
dominant or submissive? Submissive.

3 clear pictures of yourself! [optional]
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