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Kill That Demon!

Name- Gail
Age- 14
What gender would you like to be voted?- Any would do, although I usually prefer to be rated as male...
Strong points- I. Am. A. Perfectionist. I think beyond the box. I'm also carefree, a real sarcastic friend, loyal and unusually silent. There are some people who trust me with stuff even though we're not that close. Everyone thinks I'm too mature for my age, primarily because I look so serious and quiet..XD
weak points- Too shy and quiet. Also, I've got a short temper. I have bad people skills and I'm easy to get embarrased by praise. Not to mention, I've got little or no self-esteem at all. I think I'm also too emotional at times....too much that sometimes it even sickens me so. I'm also competitive and at the same time, lazy. I tend to hide in the corner and wander off into space...XD
interests- drawings or scribbles, fictions and rhyming poems, latin phrases, anime, surfing the net, spiffy avatars or banners :3, online gaming or MMORPGs, etc. Everything in my userinfo actually. Pretty much sums it up. XD
dislikes- Bitter gourd, being a pushover, flunking a test, being forced to do something I don't like, annoying toddlers, having nothing to do, being compared to someone else, being deprived of my sleep, loud people, seeing something which isn't quite right, etc
talents- Basically, I'm a good memorizer. At least that's why I think I'm an honor student...My mother says I'm good with words too. And she says I'm a really fast learner. I'm a fast reader and a creative thinker.
hobbies- drawing, writing fiction/fanfiction/poems, reading books/fiction/fanfiction, watching anime, photoshop graphic designing, online gaming, and just about everything to learn in anime and in the internet that might interest me.
pet peeves- People who always depend on you to do everything. And when you go ask for help they simply turn their backs on you. Raar. Scratch my back and I'll scratch yours.
Favorite color- Dark colors (e.g. purple, blue, crimson)
Favorite Chrno Crusade character- that would be Chrno.
Favorite food- pasta, yummy deserts like cheesecake and yogurt, broccoli (strangely enough.)
Favorite sport- Volleyball. Although I'm not too good with it XD
Favorite type music- Anything goes. As long as it has a nice beat, I don't care what the lyrics are. I'm not a big fan of music anyway.
Optimistic or Pessimistic?- Leaning more on the optimistic side. Sometimes though, I'm a sad pessimist, although it's quite short-lived.
Outgoing or Shy?- Shy. *hides in the rabbit hole*
virtuous or malicious? Virtuous.
dominant or submissive? When it come to my friends, I tend to be dominant. However, to other people, it's more of submissive.

3 clear pictures of yourself! [optional]

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