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Kill that demon!

Name- Alessandro
Age- 14
What gender would you like to be voted?- Any would be fine
Strong points- Uhm, I help people when they're in bad situations, I'm nice to people I like,
weak points- I'm a total jackass to people I don't like, I can get hurt pretty easily, I'm either really quiet or really hyper. SOmetimes am a bit bipolar.
interests- Metal Gear, music, anime, movies. Normal stuff.
dislikes- Stupidity. That's all.
talents- Uhm, I dunno. Being incredibly awesome I guess.
hobbies- being with friends, listenin to music and just being a jackass to people that hate me yay!
pet peeves- People who swear they're all "ghetto thuggin" and rude people. Oh and when peope dont pay attention to me when I'm trying to say something.

Favorite color- Black
Favorite Chrno Crusade character- Rossete
Favorite food- Italian
Favorite sport- Soccer
Favorite type music- Rock.

Optimistic or Pessimistic?- Usually pessimistic
Outgoing or Shy?- Outgoing
virtuous or malicious? malicious
dominant or submissive? dominant

Three clear pictures of yourself! [optional] No it's not what you think...
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