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Kill that Demon!

Age- 14
What gender would you like to be voted?- Either is OK with me.XD
Strong points- Umm.. I guess, I tend to make people feel better.. And, that's mainly it. Ack, I don't know about myself.;-; And, I am myself.. That's just sad..
weak points- I can't cook, I don't know how to brush my hair that well, and I'm clumsy as heck, oh, and lets not forget that I tend to fall asleep whenever someone starts talking about something related about school and stuff or I just zone out when they start talking.
interests- FanArt, Music, Books, Internet, Video games, Gaming systems, Computers.. Umm, anything electronic related.:D XD Oh, yeah! I love FOOD, any kind of food!:D .. Oh, wait, and Golf. Yes, Golf.
dislikes- Bad food, bad video games, homework, school, annoying people, people who don't know how to show respect for people.
talents- I'm decent at drawing, I guess. Oh, I'm pretty good at Golf, too! (You should see how far I can hit the golf ball, I once went over 150 yards!:D)
hobbies- Drawing and playing video games.
pet peeves- When people don't erase writings too well, it's annoys the heck out of me for some reason.xD

Favorite color- RED, you gotta love that color!
Favorite Chrno Crusade character- Ooooh.. It's a tie between Chrno and Azmaria, really.. T_T But, if I had to choose one, when, Azmaria!xD
Favorite food- Um.. Spahghetti!
Favorite sport- Golf, what else?
Favorite type music- Anything with a good tune.

Optimistic or Pessimistic?- Optimistic
Outgoing or Shy?- Outgoing
virtuous or malicious? I'm most defintly not Virtuous.. I know hwo to hold a grudge for a long time... So, Malicious.
dominant or submissive? WORLD DOMINATION!! ..*Cough*Um.. Domination

3 clear pictures of yourself!

Well, I don't really have any, actually.. I don't any recent well, anyway.xD
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