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o_o Kill that demon! XD


Name-: Leah
Age-: 14
What gender would you like to be voted?-: ^^; I'm perfectly fine with being stamped as either a male or female.
Strong points-: I'm really caring and nice to people. If they're angsty, I want them to vent to me so I can help. I'm pretty quiet too, so I don't say the wrong things.
weak points-: I'm prone to angsting and feeling guilty over stuff that never had anything to do with me. ^^;;
interests-: writing, drawing, singing, dancing, being quiet, talking to friends, X-Country, helping people, sleeping, writing challenges, iconage XD
dislikes-: War, racism/discrimination, smoking, homophobes, immature boys, loud places, terrorism, bad handwriting, not writing, being tired, being bored, and other girls flirting with your boyfriend
talents-: Running and I guess playing the piano. :D
hobbies-: writing, sleeping, drawing XD
pet peeves-: @__@ I'm annoyed easily by things. :x I can become paranoid if I'm left alone in the house by myself for long periods of time, too. XD

Favorite color-: Violet. :D
Favorite Chrno Crusade character-: Hmm.. I think its Azmaria. She's really quiet. And I like quiet people. XD
Favorite food-: I don't have one. XD
Favorite sport-: X-Country if that counts. o_O Other than that-- I honestly have no idea.
Favorite type music-: J-Pop or just rock. XD

Optimistic or Pessimistic?-: Pessimistic
Outgoing or Shy?-: I'm really shy. ._.; I can't seem to go ANYWHERE with a lot of people without someone I'm close to.
virtuous or malicious?: Virtuous :D
dominant or submissive?: -points to shy-ness- Does that answer? XD Uh. I'm submissive. >__>;; -dies-

3 clear pictures of yourself! [optional]

>.> Good as I can get. Taken during the summer. xD

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