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Kill that demon!

Age- 22
What gender would you like to be voted?- either
Strong points- I prefer to see past peoples appearance and reputation to who they really are inside. I'm spazztastic, honest, loyal, honorable, ambitious and just. Also, I would do anything for the person I love, even at my own personal cost. Oh, and when I want something, i NEVER ever give up. XD
weak points- Very very stubborn, i have a temper > > (once i broke a vcr by punching it because it was acting faulty..actually that was kinda funny rofl... ), I keep whats bothering me to myself/hiding it a lot.
interests- eating, sleeping, priestesses, annoying people in PVP, listening to music/attempting to dance XD, just plain living life to its fullest :P
dislikes- judgmental people, close-minded people, people who cannot see past reputation/appearance to the person within,injustice, dishonesty
talents- singing, drawing, somehow managing to be late to everything > > (I sleep through alarm clocks)
hobbies- Playing my battle priestess on Ragnarok Online :P, singing, drawing, sleeping, i like having fun :D
pet peeves- People that give up too easily, hands down lol. People that slow me down, bossing me around =_= (i dont listen anyway) Ignorance.

Favorite color- silver/blue...don't really think about it XD
Favorite Chrno Crusade character- Rosette,Chrno, Azmaria (Chrno is HOT)
Favorite food- sushi....I just plain like eating....
Favorite sport- archery
Favorite type music- techno, well...anything except rap

Optimistic or Pessimistic?- Optimistic, always telling my friends to look on the bright side lol ^^ I love seeing people happy, especially if I can cheer someone up when theyre faced with something very difficult.
Outgoing or Shy?- Outgoing, yeah...woosha! XD
virtuous or malicious? Virtuous, I have a very strong belief in that i may never cause harm to another/or be at fault.
dominant or submissive? Dominant err submissive...both?? depends on the situation :P

Image hosted by
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1. my priestess costume (did I meantion I love priestesses), lol i love that hairdo, I used to wear it with ribbons T_T sadly, I lost my ribbons (I think my parents threw them out =_=;;;; )Polyanna hair is also cute ^_^
2. My normal's the ONLY non cosplay picture I have...cause they seem to not turn out lmao
3. My huntress costume, complete with evil wings that I made. Yes, I'm a dork.
My mom makes my costumes

Disclaimer: (Cause I can...) None of what I wrote is intentional towards a char lol, that's just how I am. In fact, my brother was laughing really hard about it all. I've broken soooo many things cause of my blasted temper (including a laptop...XD...parents...were not happy > >; it's temper doesnt last very long)And...I pretty much do do things for others even if I myself get hurt in the process, I had someone use my nature against me =_= (emo child/ex with fake suicide attempt + person who can't stand causing other pain + first emo person blaming the 2nd for causing this "suicide attempt...was NOT pretty)I'm just an out there person who's extremely hard to keep up with. Yes, my parents called me the "hurricane/tornado" cause i used to destroy everything =_=; actually i thought that was just funny LMAO. I also keep busy to keep myself from thinking of things lol.

I should not be allowed to drink energy drinks > >;

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