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Kill that Demon!

Name- Mary Maxwell AKA Ma-chan
Age- 20~
What gender would you like to be voted?- I don't care. XD

Strong points- I am very over protective of my friends and I love them with all my heart. I am also very kind and caring but I can be very bitchy if anyone insults someone else or are racist against others.

weak points- I can be very negative and sometimes it's hard for me to be in groups because I always think I won't do a good job on it, or I am not smart enough to be include.

interests- Computer Graphics, chocolate, Playing DDR, Playing Video games in general, watching anime, (ANY) or cooking :D

dislikes- Onions, Shrimp (I dislike sea period... well expect Fish) Math, Stupid people, art thiefs, jerks, Math, Heat, stalkers, perverts, haters, people who think they are perfect, Did I ever tell you how much I hate Math?

talents- They said I can draw and good at writing but I still say I suck at both.

hobbies- Drawing, Making layouts or any type of graphics, Cleaning (YES I am a CLEAN freak) & Writing

pet peeves- Ooo this topic again... Well I guess I will throw my two cent here.Those who copy, gossip, whine, and are stereo types, should die. I can't stand any of them and I don't think I ever want to either.

Favorite color- Pink/Baby Blue/Black

Favorite Chrno Crusade character- Chrno, Rosette, Azamaria (I can't spell her name) Sister Kate and others I can't name because I don't remember them.

Favorite food- Hispanic food PERIOD.

Favorite sport- Tennis :D

Favorite type music- Rock/Japanese Pop/DDR! (IT owns) and few salsa songs.

Optimistic or Pessimistic?- I'm very optimistic. I always try to look at the bright side to things but sometimes I get others to complain at me for looking at the world that way. If you can't get over it, then you need help, because the world isn't going to wait for you to get better.

Outgoing or Shy?- VERY outgoing. I love to talk and meet new people. I always enjoy talking about anime, music, art, which ever~ I am very open minded.

virtuous or malicious? I dunno....

dominant or submissive? Both, just depends on the situation and who I am trying to control or Seduce...XD

3 clear pictures of yourself! [optional]

Sorry only have one pic of myself...

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