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Kill that demon (!)

Name- Mello

Age- 18

What gender would you like to be voted?- boy, lol doesn't really matter. vote whomever you think I'm most like. Doesn't matter if they have a cock or not. XD

Strong points- enthusiasm, skill and willingness to plot, I give good advice if people need it, I'm surprisingly good with dealing with people lol, I have a quirky sense of humor..

weak points- I can be non-confrontational and a doormat then super fast I become horribly passive-aggressive, I hold grudges, I don’t forgive easily. When I get pushed enough, I won’t hesitate to pull out the big guns and aim for the kill. I can cut people out of my life, ignoring them completely, them being,for all intents and purposes, are dead to me. I can be very spiteful. I can whine and pout about things a bit, I don’t like getting emotionally attached in a romantic way. And I’m fickle and so VERY finicky, like, I keep changing my mind or I can’t decide what I want or I want more than one. I procrastinate. I fuck up my eating and sleeping patterns. I’m not as empathic and loyal as I think I should be, I can be cold and aloof at inopportune moments. I can be super manipulative. I've been told by people that I can be self-absorbed. And I smoke, which is, I know, bad for me *shrugs sheepishly*.

interests- talking to strangers, dancing in elevators, eating yummy food, reorganizing things, anything and everything on my computer (whom I adore), karaoke with friends, obsessions, human behavior, mythology/archetypes, mansex, slash&yaoi, caffeine, anime, good movies, penguins, being a pervert…I HAVE SO MANY LIKES…

dislikes- early mornings, onions, angry confrontations, feeling guilty, being stupid and procrastinating and then having to stress out and overwork myself to make up for it, closedminded-ness, walking around in wet clothes for an extended period of time, math (because math can kick my ass and that’s not cool), being obnoxious teased by friends, having a messy room, obnoxiously loud noises, roaches and worms. I also dislike it when I feel insecure and awkward. Being guilt-tripped into things, obnoxiously sappy behavior for no reason, unnecessary competition, florescent lighting, bad roommates, constant boredom. I also hate blushing in front of people.

talents- writing, plotting, giving advice, meeting people and making friends, explaining things in a winning and entertaining manner, not sucking at life.

hobbies- writing, seeing good movies, making amvs, plotting, cosplaying, rping

pet peeves- People who are too serious, people who complain a lot, people who try to be too cute, unecessary competition, easily-offended people...

Favorite color- In this order specific: Orange, purple, black, yellow

Favorite Chrno Crusade character- Joshua for the most part.

Favorite food- am not really at all too picky about foods. I ADORE Asian food. Sushi, pad thai, spring rolls, fried rice, ginger salad. Indian Food. You name it. I also love sea food, pasta, fruit, and HOT DOGS! Oh, and bacon! And PIE…. 0__0 I really love yummy foods…I'M SUCH A FOOD WHORE OMGWTF.

Favorite sport- swimming, ping pong, tennis, equestrian sports, volleyball

Favorite type music- soundtracks, techno/house, jrock/jpop, showtunes, alternative

Optimistic or Pessimistic?- Mostly optimistic but I do go into slumps of pessimistic-realistic-bitterness lol...Good days and bad days...

Outgoing or Shy?- Depending on the situation, whom I'm with and what my mood is, I can very easily go back adn forth between teh two. But generally, I'm more outgoing lol. Although, I guess it's important to note that I use to be really introverted and shy, but I eventually grew out of that.

virtuous or malicious?, it depends lol. It's not like I'm malicious without a reason or anything. But I guess on the scale, it would tip more towards malicious, but that's only really because I have a lot of anger and bitterness, I just can control it really well and I repress it a lot of the time.

dominant or submissive? Definately submissive. Both sexually and non-sexually.

3 clear pictures of yourself! [optional]

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