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Kill the Demons..NO WAIT!!!!!!! ...i like demons...

Name- amanda
Age- 14
What gender would you like to be voted?- doesnt matter
Strong points- i guess my best quality is that im willing to do alot to get things the way they should be. if my friends are argueing, i know not too take one side. i figure out what happened, and solve it in the most non-nosense way possible. i guess i am also extremely frexible, but i also know when to be really stubborn.
weak points-i am very stubborn. i mean, if you suggest something to me, i might go along with it, if its logical and it seems like an intelligent thing to do. but if you try tooo force your opinion on me, i'll stand firm and not change my tune. no matter what you threaten. example: a girl in school i hang out with and a bunch of her senior friends were hanging out with me and my other friend behind the school. everyone but me and my friend were smoking. then my friend was offered a cigarrette and took it. then they offered me one. i said "no way". then one of the 18 year old guys said to "just do it, nothings going to happen". i took the entire pack out of the guys hand, threw it on the ground, stomped it into the dirt, and walked away without a word. no one makes me do something i dont want to. my other bad quality is that, even htough im good at winning them, i argue way too much. i guess i just find it too easy too start an arguement these days, and sometimes just start argueing for the sake of argueing
interests-mythology, ancient runes, history, world culture, extreme sports, challenge, reading, knowledge, track, camping, fishing, kayaking, canoeing, graphic design, broadway, comics, yaoi, manga, anime, asian food, coffee, tea, forensic science, nomads, life
dislikes-cry babys, dependant people, girls/guys who "need him/her too go on.", suicide, stereotypes, rap/country music, homophobes, people who demand your attention constantly, brand name whores, death, boredom, a bad book, people who obsess over getting dates. i think it should happen naturally, its not really somehting i think you should persue.
talents- drawing
hobbies- drawing, writing, reading peoples personalities right when i meet them, soccer, track, reading ALOT (too much, according to many. i have over 350 books at home, and 72 mangas!), hanging out at all the perks (a coffee house), having an orgasm at walden books
pet peeves-crybabys, dependant people, people who have a hard time "getting over him/her", seclution, dieing, staying in one place

Favorite color- forest green and maroon. evil christmas colors
Favorite Chrno Crusade character- rosette because of her determination and her comic relief. and chrono because devils are dead awesome adn he's so sweet yet remain a kick-ass demon.
Favorite food- all japanese and korean
Favorite sport- soccer and track. football is fun to play with friends. tackle football.
Favorite type music- heavy metal, ska, j-pop

Optimistic or Pessimistic?- realistic. there's a difference.
Outgoing or Shy?- outgoing. whats the point of being shy. you wont achieve anything.
virtuous or malicious? alittle of both. depends on the situation, or the mood im in.
dominant or submissive?i know when to use both to my advantage

3 clear pictures of yourself! [optional]

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