Ling (prodigian) wrote in chrno_rating,

Kill that Demon

Name: Ling
Nickname: Lokin
What gender would you like to be voted? dosen't matter.

Strong Points:It takes a lot to get me angry so I basically get along with most people. And I laugh really easily, and the people around me like me that way. *shrug* I learn stuff really quickly compared to others and I usually remember them for a long time when I do. And some people say I'm nice but that's what they think anyway ... I tend to be protective over people I'm really fond of.

Weak Points: have a tendecy to twist the rules to my advantage rather than obey them. And I admit, I usually get away with it. Rebellious especially when I'm pissed. Anti-social at times. Difficult to read because I'm dammed good at my poker face. Worry too much at times. Careless. Selective memory. Messy. Selective attention span. When I'm working on something I like, say Adobe Photohsop, I can work up to about 5 hours at a shot. But when it comes to something like school work, I can barely sit still for 30min ^^". Disrespect for authority sometimes.

Likes: pocrastinating. Doodling on Adobe Photoshop. Staying up till 3 AM in the morning. Teasing people whom are older than me and hoping they don't kick my ass. Humming random J-pop songs ... randomly. Especially stuff by w-inds., FLAME or Lead. Certain friends. It takes me a really long time to like anyone. I'm just shit good at picking out bad points. But once I like someone, I'll do anything to help if he/she's in trouble. But I expect the same in return. Action Movies Really love military stuff like Black Hawk Down. XD Medicine. Looking for logical loop holes in ... stuff. It ranges from movies to fanfiction and even the school's firewall. Laughing. I laugh 24/7 Yaoi. XD Anything that's unfair. Dosen't matter if it's to others or to me. And most importantly, my personal space.

Dislikes: Sports. I'm lazy. I'd rather watch than exercise. Stupid two faced assholes If anyone wants to backstab me, I'll appreciate it if it's done in a smart way. Kthx. Rude people.

Talents:Sometimes, I can kind of predict, the future sometimes. XD Like sometimes, I kind of know that something up on a certain date even though nothing has been pre arranged. Or which topic's going to come out for a test. Or which present's the best for a friend's friend even though I don't know the person at all. And I predicted London was going to host Olympics 2012 even though I wasn't even reading the news. Okay, that sounded freaky so I'll shut up.

Pet Peeves:I hate being forced to do anything. Especially when I realise that someone has taken advantage of me.

Favorite color- Blue. Or purple. Red supposedly looks good on me but I don't like it in particular.

Favorite Chrno Crusade character- Chrno~ I think he's really adorable.

Favorite food- I eat anything. Except for Vietnam food.

Favorite sport- Badminton or Tennis

Favorite type music- Pop or Rock.

Optimistic or Pessimistic?- Pessimistic.

Outgoing or Shy?- Depends on who I'm with.

dominant or submissive? Dominant. XD My friend and I have a running joke and that if we were gays, I'll be the seme and she the uke.

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