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Kill that demon...!

Age: 15
What gender would you like to be voted?: No preference.
Strong points: Ambitious. Devoted. Intelligent. Insightful.
Weak points: Addicted to tea and chili. A procrastinator. Short attention span. Volatile. Kind of hard to talk to, as I often spout random things.
Interests: Antiquity studies. Psychiatry. Anime/manga. Drawing.
Dislikes: Cynicism. Exaggeration. Cloudless days without a breeze. Fish. Ebooks. Little kids (around the age of five). Pure juice.
Talents: The cookies didn't explode the first time I baked.
Hobbies: Reading/writing fanfiction. Reading manga, watching anime. Drawing. Playing the piano. Baking.
Pet peeves: People who say that they became cynical (about life) when they were met bamsmackin'hard with the 'real world' sometime in their adolescence.

Favorite color: Silver or pink.
Favorite Chrno Crusade character: Joshua - so. fluffy. and. psycho. and. blond.
Favorite food: Eggplants and potatos in black bean sauce.
Favorite sport: Badminton
Favorite type music: Like songs from all types of music, as long as they have nice melodies. I do have many jrock songs on my playlist... but I don't consciously favour the genre.

Optimistic or Pessimistic?: Optimistic. Things can't really get worse than they already are =\
Outgoing or Shy?: ~_~
Virtuous or malicious?: Leaning more towards virtuous.
Dominant or submissive?: Dominant, but now I fear the directions I lead my group in; I should be more submissive.

Threeee pics.

I'm sad.

I'm close.

I'm happy. In orange is me. ...if you can't tell yet.

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