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Kill that demon!

Name- Rachael
Age- 21
What gender would you like to be voted?- It doesn't matter
Strong points- I think I'm funny; I'm very understanding and I think that I have a very big heart. I love all of my friends, even if they do things I find to be morally wrong. I'm a super-romantic, but hide it fairly well.
weak points- I am so emotional I drive myself crazy. I cry a lot; I suffer from mild depression. I find myself in my own little world quite often.
interests- God, my boyfriend, my friends, lj, anime, manga, writing, singing, dancing in my underwear, taking pictures, laughing, loving, turtles
dislikes- being late, liars,
talents- [i think] singing and writing
hobbies- dancing like a FOOL, singing, writing
pet peeves- "being late, liars"

Favorite color- Pink and Green<3
Favorite Chrno Crusade character- Chrno; he rocks my face off
Favorite food- Mmmm chinese...
Favorite sport- soccer? maybe?
Favorite type music- Ah! All kinds. I am a big fan of jpop- Utada Hikaru, Do As Infinity, BoA, Gackt, Hyde... but I am a big fan of Kelly Carkson too. I like everything really but country

Optimistic or Pessimistic?- I was voted most pessimistic in high school. I think I'm a little better now (3 years later) but...?
Outgoing or Shy?- Oh... well, with people I'm comfertable around I'm a crazy fool. But if I don't know you, I think I can be pretty shy
virtuous or malicious? A delicious mix of both
dominant or submissive? Depends on the person. I'm very adaptable.

3 clear pictures of yourself!

This is me and my boyfriend (cosplaying as Vash)
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