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kill that demon!

What gender would you like to be voted?-tomboy!
Strong points-Im very athletic, im good in school (mostly A's and a few B's) im friendly and lovable ^-^, and im a good artist. I enjoy beating up guys that piss me off ^-^
weak points-im sorta impacient, and i have low confidence in myself sometimes...
interests-Anime, manga, food, sleeping, art, soccer, bowling, lacrosse, tv, internet, computers, graphics, web design, humor, comedy, horror, romance, movies....god, should i go on? lol, basically, anything fun and exciting...funny hyperactive...stuff like that XD
dislikes-mean people, snobby/slutty people who think they are 'all that'
talents-drawing, writing, sports, singing <3

hobbies-Drawing, writing, going to dances, hanging out with friends, going online, making graphics and layouts, and much more ^-^

pet peeves-hmm....dunno o.O

Favorite color-Red/neon green
Favorite Chrno Crusade character-Chrono!
Favorite food-anything that tastes good XD
Favorite sport-soccer/lacrosse
Favorite type music-rock/punk/ska

Optimistic or Pessimistic?-a bit of both
Outgoing or Shy?-im inbetween, im very outgoing when im around my friends, but when im around people i dont know, i tend to be very quiet and shy.

virtuous or malicious?-a bit of both
dominant or submissive?-yet again, a bit of both

3 clear pictures of yourself! [optional]

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